Writing Update

So it’s been two years since my MFA graduation. Hard to believe. Maybe it’s my busy schedule.  I’ve been working my day job at the County as an analyst in the audit unit correcting reports all day long. Happy to have a career that affords me the ability to do what I love-write. The hardest thing to do, though, is finding time to write every day.

My partner and I have developed a schedule that works. Details, you ask? Well…we get up at 4:15 am and he sends me off to work with breakfast and lunch. I get to work at 6 am and write for an hour,  work from 7 to 5 getting another hour of writing in at lunch. Thank god I have an office (that’s new as of last week) so I can close the door. Commuting eats two hours out of my day. I get home at 6, dinner and time with hubby then bed by 8:30 pm.

It’s not the most exciting daily schedule but all the time I used for grad school homework is now my writing schedule. Two hours of writing daily is keeping me on track with my manuscript.

Speaking of my novel, I’m on the third draft. My editor (thanks, Jennifer!) has been instrumental in helping me focus on the details that I needed to work into the story. I’m planning on having this draft completed by summer. I’m halfway through now.

One of the best things to happen over the past year was meeting my partner Mason. Not only is he a talented artist, he is working with me on the graphic element of my novel. His skill in working in the graphic novel format gives my story an added dimension. It seems to be morphing into a mixed genre work.

And lastly, following the advice of a former teacher (thanks, Deborah!) I’ve started a blog for my novel. You can find it at http://www.delilahsdiaries.com. These are messages from my protagonist Delilah while she is locked away in a concentration camp. I’ll be creating YouTube shorts as well. Maybe even Twitter. Should be a fun summer.

So, back to editing Fatizen 24602 (formerly Abundance). As much as I loved the old name, I wanted a title that reflected the world more specifically. And I think this new title does just that. What do you think?

One thought on “Writing Update

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey, Phillip. Having a schedule can work and yours looks like a good one. Keep at it – Delilah needs to heard!
    My latest blog post was on the same subject. 😉

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