Unagented Speculative Fiction Publishers Worth Your Time

Extremely helpful article on Spec Fic publishers.



Still haven’t landed an agent? There are a few publishers that will still take you seriously, and while there are listings upon listings out there in the vast ocean of Cyberspace, relying on experience is better than reading submission guidelines, going through the motions, and waiting months (or years) for your work to be ignored.

What’s my experience? See Rejection: Greatest Hits. While I haven’t listed the names of the offenders, I’ve been considered (and beaten up by) some of the biggest names in Sci-Fi/ Fantasy publishing. What’s more, I’ve often waited three times as long as the posted reporting times because my work was held for a second read or third read. Even my current publisher, albeit for legitimate reasons, is holding a novel well beyond the submission period.

Life’s too short. You don’t want to wait ten years to know who’s worth your time. So spend ten…

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