Full Steam Ahead

What a great summer.

I completed my edits by July 31st and delivered the entire manuscript to the publisher. After a full read and negotiations, they offered me a contract. What made the deal even sweeter is that they want to publish the graphic novel as well.

I decided to include eighteen of Mason’s full page drawings in the book in addition to using his drawing of the protagonist for the cover art. I realize this is the benefit of working with a small press. However, I did have to think about the pros and cons of a small press versus the more standard route of finding an agent and a large publisher. I imagine that will come in time but for now, I’m thrilled to have a publisher that firmly believes in the work I am doing.

So, with all that said, I’m halfway through the publisher’s edits. I plan to have them done by the end of September and the publisher, Branch Hill Publications, said having the book out by the holiday season should not be a problem. It will available on Amazon and e-book.

I’m liking this year a lot. I’d be on the edge of my seat if I didn’t know I’d break it in the process.

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