Final line edits and podcasts

So last week I completed the publisher’s final line edits and sent off my manuscript. I promptly posted an update to Facebook and was asked, “So, what are you doing to celebrate?” I had to think about that for a while. I’ve completed so many drafts that I’m rather content to just go to bed early and delay the celebration for when the book is published.

The funny thing happened the next morning when I sat at my computer and realized I didn’t have to revise any more pages! That was an odd feeling that lasted all of five seconds until my husband reminded me that we have our graphic novel project to continue working on. We had stopped production when I secured a publisher and concentrated on the manuscript. I feel lucky in that way. Several friends have expressed a kind of depression when they completed their book. We pour so much into our writing and when its your sole project for years, it can be hard to let it go. Now I get to go back to page one of my story.

Making use of the time I spend commuting to work (for the day job), I downloaded a few creative writing podcasts. The one that I’m listening to right now is Brad Reed’s Inside Creative Writing, Craft Technique for Writers of Fiction and Creative Nonfiction. Mr. Reed presents each session with enthusiasm and great insight into the writing experience. It’s like a private seminar or a workshop in grad school. I love it and highly recommend it for anyone wanting a really good podcast on craft.

Until next time, keep writing!

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