About the author

Philip Barragan is a writer of fiction and nonfiction stories and essays. He is a graduate of Antioch University Los Angeles’ Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program.

Philip works for the Department of Health Services in Los Angeles helping improve health services for the residents of the County.

Philip is also an advocate for people of size and co-founder of Girth and Mirth Southern California, a social welfare group for men of size in Los Angeles.

The status of fat in today’s society is the motivating factor for his dystopian speculative fiction novel Fatizen 24602. The novel was published on March 8, 2015 by Branch Hill Publications. Visit the official website for more details and everything Fatizen! Find it on Amazon and let me know if you have a favorite book store that you’d like to see carry my book. I’ll do my best to get it in there! Thank you.

Philip is currently working on the graphic novel version of Fatizen with his husband, Mason Arrigo. News about this project can be found on the Fatizen website.

Feel free to contact Philip at: philipbarragan@yahoo.com.


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