About the Author

Philip Barragan is a writer of fiction and nonfiction stories and essays. He is a graduate of Antioch University Los Angeles’ Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program.Phil Smiling 1 B&W

Philip works with husband, artist Mason Arrigo, and together established Embonpoint Publishing in 2017. Embonpoint specializes in unique, distinctive graphic novels.

Philip’s debut dystopian novel Fatizen 24602 was published in 2015 by Branch Hill Publications. The Fatizen Project is an exploration into the systematic dehumanization of people. Whether it be our nationality, sexual orientation, color of our skin, or the size of our bodies, societies have leveraged attacks on their fellow citizens throughout civilization. The “othering” of our fellow humans has led to some of our darkest periods in history, and continues today. You can learn more about The Fatizen Project (the prose and graphic novels) at Embonpoint Publishing.

Embonpoint has two exciting and ongoing titles currently available, Fatizen: The Graphic Novel and Blanc Noir-Marabou Mule Mysteries. Both are available on Amazon or digitally at Comixology. For more information, visit the Embonpoint website. And thanks!

Contact Philip at: embonpointpublishing@gmail.com.

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